Special Wanmei diamond tile imitation marble ceramic tile background wall living room bedroom floor tile 800 800 floor tile 8a104 Princess jade sing

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Top ten famous brands of floor tiles in 2018

Floor tile is the main material for floor decoration. What brand of floor tile is good? Let's take a look at the top ten famous brand list of floor tiles in 2018.

Top ten famous brands of floor tiles in 2018

1. (the quality is reliable, has many consumers, and it has brought the high grade city life to the consumer, the appearance is beautiful on the grade. )

2. (large scale professional production of building ceramics enterprises, continue to provide customers with differentiated high value-added products and services. )

3. (the brand of China's ceramic industry enjoys a good reputation of antique brick, with excellent and stable quality, popular in China with texture design. )

4. (in line with the concept of promoting the development of the whole ceramic tile decoration industry in China, it grows rapidly, and is a floor tile brand favored by the public. )

5. (with its own product quality and production technology, it has been a strong competitor in the floor tile brand, wh…